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Project info

LAV is a Spanish architecture firm that focuses on BioClimatism techniques.
Using natural resources and materials, they create buildings and houses more sustainable and energy-efficient.
One of the techniques they are using is called Canadian Water Weld. This ancient technology uses the constant earth temperature to climate buildings using the essential exchange of temperatures. Unfortunately, there is not a smart home system that can be plugged in and interact with this technology yet.
LAV approached us to solve their main challenges. The first one was to create a bespoke smart home system that could read data from the Water Weld and all the indoors and outdoors sensors and interact with the rest of the house.
The second one was profiling each person who was interacting with the house settings and overriding the algorithm settings by understanding their needs and comfort standards.
The result is a smart home system that considers the Canadian Water Weld temperature and humidity readings and interacts directly with the heating and cooling central systems. The custom sensors have been deployed in strategic places inside and outside the house, allowing the system to integrate temperature, humidity, pollution and dust.
Using WIFI and Bluetooth triangulation, we started to detect inside the rooms which users are staying and if they override the default settings.
All data is securely sent to the cloud, where the algorithm is adapting the settings.
Francesc Ramon
Very helpful team in every step of our journey. In those years, we have been rapidly growing, and our company had experienced more significant challenges on every new step of the journey.  Innovating has been key and this team has been key in rapidly prototyping our ideas.