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Project info

Ford is undergoing a profound transformation, steering towards a future defined by mobility and energy efficiency, clearing its old skin to reveal new horizons.
Central to this evolution is the acquisition of exceptional talent. Despite its enduring presence, Ford's identity often remains confined to car manufacturing in the public eye.
Rocketvan team was honoured to form a cohort of agencies with a clear objective: to birth an avant-garde recruitment portal catering to ingenious engineers seeking their niche within Ford's universe.
Full of captivating visuals that immerse users in Ford's futuristic urban visions. The portal unfolds across tiers, cleverly using gamification to creating challenges for intrepid minds.
NOANCE Studio team are the architects behind these visual marvels.
D. Ob.
CEO & Founder
We had terrible experiences using independent developers in the past that were claiming that they could deliver the job. Rocketvan team has always responded and created from scratch solutions even using new coding techniques.