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  • Data Encryption

  • Voice Transcription

Project info

Melendez Ginecologia is a leading private clinic specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology based in Spain.
As a dynamic team, they use digital tools to make the practice more agile, offering a better experience between their patients, doctors, GPs, Hospitals, etc.
Unfortunately, those existing tools do not deliver all the features to improve communication between all parts.
We created a bespoke system that integrates voice-centered instruments to record the appointments data. The consultant will use the voice to record, transcribe and translate all the details and rapidly share with all their counterparts.
Security is the backbone of this new platform. All the information is personal and sensible medical data and must comply with EU regulations.
To protect them, we applied an end to end encryption. All databases are encrypted using Cryptographic Key Management Tools.
Dr. Joan Melendez
CEO & Obstetrics Surgeon
Our sector is being transformed digitally, speaking at great speed. We were relying on off the shelf software without any particular return on investment.  The Rocketvan team has been vital in the process of creating our own tools.